Ryan Paris

Ryan Paris, real name Fabio Roscioli, italian was born in Rome on March 12. He studied classical guitar and acting and he attended the music Conservatory of Frosinone (arrangement for big jazz orchestra). He teached music in Rome  at the popular music school of Testaccio. He also acted in films like ” Once upon a time in America ” from Sergio leone with Robert de Niro and many more others films 

Fabio Roscioli creates 2 differents Rock bands ” The Berenice Hair ” in the 70s and ” The gigolos ” with his brother Gianni playing the bass guitar at the beginning of the 80s and also played classical – south american guitar  with the Rumba Tres trio. In 1982, searching for a new keyboarder for the Gigolos band he met Pierluigi Giombini who liked his voice and wrote especially for him the song Dolce vita. In 1983 he choose his stage name Ryan Paris and the single Dolce Vita was released reaching first place in almost all European charts. Dolce Vita ranks fifth in the English charts and Ryan Paris was invited twice to the music show Top of the Pops

Ryan Paris has been releasing records since the mid 80s and 90s, working also for a big event of the Coca Cola company and collaborating with the producers of Snap, Enigma, Culture beat and more. In 2010 he returned to the success with the song I Wanna Love You Once Again, written and composed by himself. The song becomes very popular among 80s music fans.

In 2013 the new song Sensation of Love, written and produced by Ryan and released as a single in Bulgaria, reaches the position n° 15 in the Official Bulgarian CD chart. A new version of the song (with a more 80s vibe) produced by Eddy Mi Ami and sung as a duet with Valerie Flor, was launched in December 2013 with big success.

Since then, all of Ryan Paris new songs peaked in  the top ten of the 80s radio stations around the world, restoring Paris as one of the most recognized artists of that era of popular music

Ryan Paris continues to successfully record and produce songs like You Are My Life, Buonasera Dolce Vita and Love on Ice (from the film Videomannen), Dance in Paradise, Dance in the moonlight and many songs of the 80s re-recorded but keeping the 80s feelings. 

In December 2017 Ryan Paris sings Dolce Vita in Catalan for La Marato foundation, version recorded as a charity single for the benefit of the foundation, with the funds used for the study and treatment of human diseases. The song, included in the CD La Marato 2017, reaches number one both in Spain and on iTunes in December 2017; the CD, which includes the song, holds a Guinness World Record for selling 250.000 copies in one day.

Ryan Paris is very active in the European music scene and since 2019 he performs in the big Best of 80s tour in France with Samantha Fox, Spagna, Ottawan and fourteen well-known  French artists.
In 2021 Ryan becomes testimonial for the international fashion company Drykorn. Dolce Vita is also the music chosen by Mercedes for the new Mercedes GLA commercial. In 2021 the new remakes of Tarzan boy (eight weeks at n° 2 of Musicboxlive-France, at the time the official french national chart), Dream and I like Chopin are released online and also on vinyl and double CD ” Ryan sings the 80s …. & more “.

On May Ryan takes part in the ” Italodisco takes over ” event in Rimini – Riccione. On July 2 Ryan sings in the Sonnenklar TV Event at the TV-Gala Goldene Sonne Spezial a kind of German TV Grammy Award.

In october, is released the maxi single Dance in paradise on 12-inch vinyl.  On November 6, 2022, in collaboration with Calibro 40, roman rapper, and Valerie Flor, the rap version of Sensation of Love in Italian and English was released, reaching first place in the electronic section of iTunes on the first and second day of releasing. in 2023 there will be a new 80 vinyl produced by Eddy Mi Ami, his first PICTURE DISC and   a  ” Best of Ryan Paris ” Lp in Vinyl named ” Polaroids “. Participation in Markus Tour ” Ich will Spass ” in Germany with Band. September 2023 in Cluj Romania ” Discoteka 80 ” . Still in 2023 first concert in Peru ( LIMA ), Concert with Boney M, SNAP, Corona etc …..