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Ryan Paris, born Fabio Roscioli is an Italian musician and actor who gained international popularity in 1983 with the worldwide hit "Dolce Vita" also released in the UK and spent 10 weeks in the UK Singles Chart, peaking at N. 5. Ryan peaked at Number 1 in all European countries except Germany at Number 3. Ryan Paris continued to release records in the mid-1980s & 1990s, working with the Coca Cola company and he co-operated with the producers of Snap, Enigma and Culture beat. In 2010, he made a comeback with the song, "I Wanna Love You Once Again",  wrote and composed by him. The song became very popular among the fans of 80s music. In 2013 the new song "Sensation of Love", written and produced by Ryan, was released as a single in Bulgaria and peaked at Number 15 in the official Bulgarian CD Chart. A new version of the song (with a more 1980s vibe) produced by Eddy Mi Ami and sung in a duet with Valerie Flor, was released in december 2013 with big success. From that moment on, all the new songs from Ryan Paris peaked in the Top 10 of the specialized 80s music playing radio stations in the world, bringing Paris back as one of the most acknowledged artists from that era of popular music. Ryan Paris continued, with success, to record and produce songs; his most recent releases include the songs "You Are My Life", "Buonasera Dolce Vita" and "Love on Ice" (from the film ”Videomannen” from Lakeshore film company). In December 2017 Ryan Paris sang "Dolce Vita" in the Catalan language for the foundation La Marato. This version was recorded as a charity single for the benefit of the foundation, with the funds being utilised for the study and cure of several human illnesses. The song, included in the CD "La Marato 2017" peaked at Number 1 in Spain and Itunes in December 2017 and the CD including the song has a Guinness World Record for selling 250,000 copies in one day. Ryan Paris is very active in the European music scene and from 2019 he performs on the big tour Best of 80s in France with 14 well known European and French artists. In 2021 Ryan will be image for the international fashion company Drycorn. Dolce Vita is also the music chosen by Mercedes for the new publicity SPOT of the Mercedes GLA . in 2021 the new songs remakes of Tarzan boy ( 8 weeks at number 2 in Musicboxlive-France) , Dream and I like Chopin will be released online and also in vinyls and double CD  . 2022:  in april-may in the Best of 80-90 tour in France with Samantha Fox, Spagna and many great french big stars of the 80 and 90. In may 13-14-15 at the event " Italodisco takes over " in Rimini - Riccione ( italy ). 02.07 Ryan sings in the Event of Sonnenklar TV at TV-Gala „Goldene Sonne Spezial“  at the GOP Varieté Theater Essen  12 August ryan is in concert at Herborn ( Germany ) .  In september 2022 will be released the maxi single " Dance in paradise " in vinyl-12 inches; also in vinyls a LP including  " The Best songs from the double CD " Ryan sings the 80s and more " . In program also a duet with a big canadian  indie singer and musician . 

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