New remake of the song " I like Chopin " . Voice : Ryan Paris , Female voice : Giuliana Farina. Produced by Johann Perrier ( MS Project ) for Modern romantics productions and Fabio Roscioli Communications . In promotion in Music Box Live France . 6 Mixes : 80s versions , modern remakes , the lounge remake from Guy Macquart and the remake from Phil Mixcoast . Will be available from 22.06.2021 online with Believe and from October 2021 on the double Cd " Ryan sings the 80s …. and more " and on vinyl " Forever 80s " in 2022. In MusicboxLive the song climbed to number 16 and number 15 of the influencer chart.

The first maxi vinyl of the new series sung by Ryan Paris entitled "80s forever" it´s released the 21 of Mai 2021 . It is a limited series of 100 vinyls . In Volume 1 there is: A1. Tarzan Boy - Ms Project Club-mix, A2. Always On My Mind - Andreas Fehlauer version, B1. Dream - MS Project Club-mix, B2. Dream - MS Project 80´s Club-mix. Order it at with 10% discount writing in the email " I am Ryan Paris fans "
The new single by Ryan Paris in the Digital Air project is the remake of P. Lion's song "Dream" produced by Johann Perrier and Ryan Paris (Modern romantics & Fabio Roscioli communications). the song already reached the Top 8 in MUSICBOXLIVE France and in the Top 100 Djs chart in Germany . The song will be included in the vinyl Ryan Paris 80s forever volume 1 and in the double Cd " Ryan sings the 80s and more . The fans can order directly per email to and receive a discount of 10% writing " I am Ryan Paris fans ". Video by Davide Mancori und Giorgio Simoni :

The remake of TARZAN BOY, the super song of the 80s, was produced for Modern Romantics Productions (Johann Perrier), Ryan Paris ( also the singer of the song under the name Mr. Jane ) and the collaboration of Doctor Vintage, disc jockey and rapper of the new band of Ryan Paris: the Vintage. The song was presented in December 2020 in France and climbed to Number 3 in the top 75 of the dj chart  In ( Official Djs chart in Germany ) climbed to Top and in the commercial house chart N. 2 !!!!He also reached the 18 position in MUSIC WORX european Chart and entered the North America and Oceanian Charts . The song will be included in the vinyl Forever 80s Volume 1 and also in the double CD Ryan sings the 80s and more . The fans can order directly per email at and they receive a discount of 10% writing " I am RYAN PARIS FANS ". Video at 

Dolce vita original 1983 with the voice of Ryan Paris is the new soundtrack choosen by Mercedes for its new TV commercial for the Mercedes GLA.

Best of 80 the new Tour: 2021-2022 Ryan Paris and 15 other great French and international artists on tour throughout France. 3 Hours of fantastic music and fun!!! A Chrystel Camus production .

My new LP " First " will be available in spring 2022 on CD, vinyl and online with 10 new songs, a tribute to life and for all my fans all over the world !!! Always DOLCE VITA !!! Ryan Paris

The new remix from Dolce vita with the original master 1983 with the original voice of Ryan Paris produced by BK DUKE & BOOTMASTERS with beautiful sounds , effects and a great RAP arrived in the official top 100 djs dance chart in Germany ( ) , Switzerland and Austria at the position number 1.

A new double coloured vinyl by Ryan Paris will be released in the market in 2022 : 1 maxi vinyl and a 7 inches vinyl that includes 6 songs bewteen new songs and remakes of the 80s. 3 songs in duet: one with George Aaron for the remake of " Candlelight " by My mine , ,one with Markus , ex TXT, for " Girl´s got a brand new toy and "Love on Ice" in duet with Sally Shapiro : for info write to Valerie at

A New virtual CD has been in all online stores since september 2020: Ryan Paris sings the 80s…and more episode I . In october 2021 will be released online the EPISODE COMPLETE and also in october 2021 will be released a double CD ( EPISODE 1 & EPISODE 2 )