New double CD from Ryan Paris : Ryan sings the 80s .... & more

We are pleased to announce the expected release (November 2021) of the new double CD by Ryan Paris "Ryan sings the 80s ... & more". This work is a tribute to the 80s and contains 29 songs of the most beautiful of the 80s + 2 megamixes which include some of these songs. The wording "..... & more" is because one of the songs included is from the 90s: "Sweet Harmony - Beloved" produced by the Roman trio Devil Dee (Davide Mancori) - Max Biasini and Marco Magrini. There is also a new production of a song written by Ryan "Dance In Paradise" produced by Joey Mauro and also 2 new songs in duet with Sally Shapiro "Love On Ice" and "Forget About You" produced by Sally Johan's husband. In the double Cd is also included a modern remix of Dolce Vita and "Bailando con tu amor" produced by DJ Andy Emme. Ryan has availed himself of the cooperation of various producers (Mirko Hirsch, Andreas Fehlauer, Tom Garrow, Johann Perrier, Pierluigi Cerin, Juan Martinez and has also a vocal duet with George Aaron (Russian Lady by George Aaron and Candlelight by My Mine, Markus ex -TXT for the song "GirlĀ“s got a brand new toy" number 1 in Italy in the 80s, and he participated himself in the production as well as singing and playing the classical and electric guitar. The double CD is distributed by BEST RECORD ITALY, Email: